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Answers to Your Most Important Questions

What Does a Franchise Cost?

The initial franchise fee is $15,000.  The start-up equipment and training package is $18,500. This package includes our newest wheel straightener, which is capable of straightening 8 rims in one hour. The royalty fee is 6% but includes a portion for advertising in your local market, as well as national advertising. Moreover, Kwicksilver puts a cap on royalties once you reach $30,000 in monthly revenues.  Anything earned over this mark is royalty free. Consequently, we have some franchisees paying as little as 2% – 3% in royalties per month.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Make?

A Kwicksilver franchisee will take advantage of several streams of revenue, such as wheel straightening and repair, cosmetic wheel repair, welding, wheel machining, powder coating, custom wheel painting, wheel location and replacement, and tire/wheel sales. A Kwicksilver franchisee will also benefit as a reseller of some exclusive Kwicksilver products. These include our Kwick6 tire shine and a full line of FLOW Car Care Products. A Kwicksilver franchisee will have both wholesale and retail customers.  Repairs typically range from $55 to $250, depending on the severity of the damage, the type of rim, and the particular customer. One experienced technician can repair as many as 15 rims in a day.  An individual franchisee’s revenue depends heavily upon the franchisee’s ability to spend a significant amount of time developing a solid customer base. This is a very local business where frequent, ongoing, in-person sales calls are necessary.

Our business model differs from our competitors in that our franchisees derive revenues from several different sources and provide several different wheel-related services to the wholesale and retail markets. This gives Kwicksilver a huge competitive advantage. We are the one-stop-shop for everything related to wheel repair and replacement. The competition relies heavily on the wholesale market at car dealerships.

Conversely, when you offer a complete package of wheel services to the wholesale and retail market, as our franchisees do, your revenues and margins increase dramatically. You’ll also avail yourself to our latest 50500 wheel straightener and Kwickspin™ cosmetic repair station – the most advanced and innovative wheel repair equipment in the industry.

What Sort of Training Will I Receive?

You’ll receive 2 weeks of step by step instruction from our Kwicksilver Tech Team.  The training includes basic tire/wheel instruction, wheel straightening and repair, cosmetic repair, paint blending techniques, and custom wheel painting. Additional training modules can be added, such as welding. The training is loaded with valuable trade secrets that we have developed over many years. You’ll also receive important administrative guidance on setting up accounts with tire/wheel suppliers, body shops, tire stores and insurance companies, etc. There is no fee for the first person.  Thereafter, the training fee is just $2,000 per person. In addition, you must pay travel and living expenses for yourself and/or your employees/partners during the training period.

Once you return home you will have unlimited access to the Kwicksilver Tech Team.  The Team will be available by phone or email to answer any technical questions you may have. This support is especially beneficial during your first few months of operation. Moreover, Kwicksilver has split the country into 8 regional master territories.  Each master territory will have a Master Franchisee. You will be trained and supported by the Master Franchisee in your region. The Master Franchisee will be your primary contact for technical questions and marketing support.

Where Will I Obtain Financing?

We have partnerships with lenders to cover your capital equipment needs, including the financing of our new fully equipped Kwickshop™ trailer. This can help limit your upfront, out of pocket expenses.  We also offer some in-house financing that is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Bank loans are generally done on a local basis. Overall, franchisees have an easier time obtaining bank loans because of the established nature and experience of the franchisor.  Often, there are lower default rates on loans for franchises.  Lenders will expect the borrower to come up with 15% – 30% of the total capital needed.

Home equity loans and lines of credit are also a great source of start-up capital and carry very low interest rates. The line of credit is an especially useful tool because you only pay interest on those funds that you actually use.

How Can I Secure an Area Without Immediately Jumping In?

We understand that there are many variables that make up your decision to become a franchisee.  It’s not always simply a matter of seeing Kwicksilver as a great opportunity and having the money/financing ready. There are timing issues to consider, such as, creating a smooth transition from your current employment or finding a suitable location for the operation of the business.

Consequently, we leave the timing up to you. After we have a signed agreement and down payment, you dictate when you will be available for training.  It may be in 2 weeks or 4 months. This gives you more control and should increase your comfort level.

Can I Add Kwicksilver to my Existing Business?

Absolutely – the Kwicksilver concept is a perfect match for those already providing aftermarket repairs, mobile detailing, PDR, windshield repair, carpet and upholstery reconditioning, etc. Kwicksilver is also very well suited for an existing tire dealer, performance shop, custom wheel shop, body shop or service center.  Simply designate one bay or area of your shop for wheel repair.

You will be allowed to continue to use your existing name or trademark for your existing services. However, you are required to use Kwicksilver’s trademarks when you are offering wheel repair services.

Do I Have to participate in the Operation of the Business?

Kwicksilver does not require that you personally supervise the franchised business. You may want to purchase a franchise solely as an investor or part-time owner.  However, the business must be supervised by an on-premises manager who has successfully completed Kwicksilver’s training program. The ideal franchisee may have several technicians working in different shops, all of whom have completed the training program.

Will I Receive an Exclusive Territory?

You will receive an exclusive territory which is dependent upon the general population, the number of body shops, tire dealers, and car dealers, among other factors.  The typical population range is 800,000 – 1,200,000. You will operate from one location and must receive Kwicksilver’s permission before relocating. Kwicksilver will not operate other shops or grant additional franchises in your territory. There is no minimum sales quota. You maintain rights to your area even though the population increases.

You are allowed to do business outside your protected area until we sell a franchise in that area, at which time you will be required to give up those customers to the new franchisee. Sometimes, other arrangements can be agreed to between the two franchise owners.

How Can I Expand My Operations?

Kwicksilver offers both multi-unit franchises and area development rights for qualified individuals, investment groups or companies. Multi-unit franchises can be purchased at a discount to the single-unit franchise fee. Our area development agreement allows a franchisee to expand, by opening additional territories, within an exclusive area, according to a schedule.  Either option allows for profit growth at a much faster pace, when compared to the single-unit franchise.

What Sort of Marketing/Advertising Materials are available ?

Kwicksilver has a full assortment of brochures, flyers, mailers, signage, vehicle wraps, POP displays, banners, logo artwork, and website design materials. New franchisees receive some of these materials as part of the their Startup package. Kwicksilver franchisees receive help with website development and local SEO (search engine optimization).

Do I Have To Open Up a Fixed Location Shop?

No, you can open the business from a fixed location or from a Kwickshop trailer or truck.

The addition of a small shop can be very beneficial. This is especially true when building a retail customer base. The Kwickshop trailer is primarily designed for servicing large auto dealer accounts, on their lot.

Any Special Programs for Existing Wheel Repair Guys?

Yes, depending on your current level of work and customer base, Kwicksilver offers a reduced franchise fee and royalty program for existing wheel repair vendors. Several of our new franchisees came to us with existing wheel repair companies.

Any Special Pricing on Tools, Equipment and Supplies?

As a network, we are able to leverage our size to secure special pricing on tools, equipment and supplies. This includes shop equipment, consumables (paints, abrasives) and marketing materials. We also offer special pricing on web services, such as website design and SEO (search engine optimization).

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