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Cosmetic Repair & Polishing

Cosmetic wheel damage is quite common and generally refers to curb rash, scrapes, gouges and discoloration caused by age. Our wheel repair technicians are set up in fully customized trucks, trailers and/or fixed shop locations. Our cosmetic wheel repair service is a specialized process that ensures a perfect match with the undamaged wheels.

There are many variations of standard silver wheel finishes depending on the concentration of metallic within the paint. More metallic generally gives off a brighter finish, while less metallic yields a flatter finish. There is also a class of finishes known as hyper silver, which use a black or white base under the silver to achieve the desired effect. Our R&D department is constantly updating our paints to keep up with the ever changing color variations offered by new car makers.

Your Kwicksilver professional is a highly skilled cosmetic wheel repair specialist in matching all these finishes. Polished aluminum wheels can also be brought back to like-new condition. Several of our shops offer this service and use the latest in vibrating laboratory wheel polisher technology.