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It’s not uncommon for a pothole or curb to create a small stress crack in a wheel. When this happens the wheel is likely to be bent as well. Metal fatigue can also play a part. Some of our customers notice a certain roughness in the handling of the car. But many times it’s simply a chronic loss of air in the tire that is the tell-tale sign.  If you’re losing a considerable amount of air in the same tire every few weeks, its a good bet that your rim is bent and possibly cracked.

Kwicksilver technicians are trained to handle this type of wheel welding repair and use only top quality TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welders. Some cracks are unsafe to weld, such as those located on the spoke of a rim. In this case, your Kwicksilver technician will find a replacement OEM rim at a fraction of the cost of a new rim.

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